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Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 17:46:28 -0700

>>I just thought I'd bring this up again because of something I noticed.
>> I've expressed this before: in all my fanfic, Hackle is Jake's father. I
>>really don't see why the writers didn't see the connection. They're both
>>genuises, they both design weapons (well, one did when he was younger) and
>>they both have trademark sideburns that no one else in the show has (or
>>should have) the honor of bearing.
>Wait...Razor has *sideburns*??! Who knew? Honestly, I've looked at the
>dude pretty closely on a couple of eps, and can't recall anything smacking
>of Elvis - young or old.
What I think he means is that Jake'd basic facial design is similar to that
of most American animated cartoons. They all have this basic stereortypical
pionts at the sides of their faces, usually thought as the side of their
face. Both Jake and Hakle do have this almost rectangle face when you
include these "sideburns" as part of their face as a whole. (Sorry, I think
in basic abstract shapes!)

>Canya give us a hint as to what scene(s) you might be a-thinkin' of?
If I'm right, just look at near any schene on SWAT Kats!

>("Just trim the fur Floyd, and don't touch the sideburns.
Thankya...thankya verra much..")
Acting like me? Oh great! My "extremist disease" is conteigious (however spelt!)

>..guess the medication's wearing off...

See! What did I tell ya! ((^3
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