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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 10:49:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Kevin L. Knoles wrote:
> Just out of (desperate) curiousity, A.J., what cel do you have? By that I
> mean what ep is it from, and if possible, could you specify down to the frame?
 Ok, I'll try. In the December Cristian's Kat Contest, I won 1st prize,
and the Tremblays sent me a cel from "Metal Urgency" where T-Bone and
Razor were giving thumbs up and saying "Yes" after destroying Feral's new
tank. I can't give you the exact frame #, but this might help: Since the
background is penciled and not inked like the characters, there is a
bunch of mumbo-jumbo in some spots, that may be Japanese writing, but
near the top, it says this:

There is a #12 in the left hand upper corner, and in the right hand upper
corner, it looks like (-45)

I hope that helps, and oh yeah, when you were talking about SWAT Kat's
music and turning up the speakers and mentioned the jet scene in "Night
of the Dark Kat", I have now recorded a WAV file of it. It is 16 bits at
44Khz mono. I will try to get it to rat as soon as my other server allows
internet mail and attachments. If you have one of those Dolby Surround
3d Sound Processor thingys for you computer, does that take a mono file and
make it 3d stereo? I don't have one, and I'd like to know.

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