Re: Music in the kats world.

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 21:56:13 -0700

>I can sing. I've been told I should be in drama/choir (and Amy says that the
>teachers of each would fight for me, whatever that means) but I'm in
>orchestra. (Violin.)

Well, don't take it too bad. Everyone wants me to be an actor. I want to be
a novelist or script writer (things could look bright in the future =8^) )

>Another crazy idea: We form a band and become world-famous, spread 'Kats
>popularity everywhere, and then MOB TED TURNER, TIE HIM TO A CHAIR, AND TAKE

But if we can't, there will be trubutes to him galore!! (my tributes say how
nice people and things are, but the people and things I write tributes for
usually don't have anything nice about them!!)

>>BTW, ever played "Alley Cat", Terra?
>Huh? Whazzat? (Answer your question? <G>)

Hey, c'mon! I don't need this!

>"I dunno . . . I kinda figured teachers slept in coffins all summer."

No, but Mr. Hollahan LIVES in his closet in his classroom! I swear it's got
all the essentials of living in that thing!!

>"I tell myself that not long ago the fate of the universe was in their
>hands. Then I ask myself, 'How the heck did we survive?'"
"After all is done, after all is said, (Insert SWAT Kat character here) is
in my heart. After all is done, after all is said, I'll never stop lovong you!"
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"Abmnesia. One thing leads to another, and..... you know nothing."

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