Re: What'd they do with those voice tracks anyway?

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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 07:14:44 -0700

>> with voice actors. Ep. 24 had the tracks laid down when Tedco ordered
>> the series halted, but inexplicably they had Barry Gordon and Charlie Adler
>> et al lay down the tracks for 25 and 26 even though they had no intention
> So what happens to those things if they're never used? Are they just kept
>in a dank archive cellar at H-B to never be heard by fans, or what? And are
>the tracks complete at that stage, or are they still in need of Music, SFX, and
>maybe fine tuning of voice acting? I *really* wanna know. (And I'd love to
>hear 'em too.)

Christian said that they score completed footage returning from overseas, so
the incomplete eps won't have progressed that far. I think everyone does it
a bit differently, but the usual order of battle sends the completed script to be
voiced and boarded at roughly the same time. Although they had to pay the
voice artists regardless of whether they laid tracks or not, I doubt the same
held true for the storyboard artists, and yet Tedco had the 'boards completed
anyway. In other words, they've got the "show packs" for each of the last
three eps, all the voice tracks laid, and all the storyboard material completed
awaiting shipment to Mook. Forever.

(with scoring, animation, and animation retakes/ADR - you'd figure it would
  cost them a maximum of, what...200K per ep or so? Sounds like a deal
  to me. It would have the effect of turning so many dust-magnets into something
  they could recover their investment from).

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