Re: Music in the kats world.

From: Julie Kelley <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:00:45 -0700

>Well, one thing for sure, they love to Rock'n'Roll.
I just hope it isn't 1979 A.D. - 1979 B.C. Rock'n'Roll!!

>>>Well, I always wanted to know if the kats do can sing. Then again, it
>>>maybe better to left that topic alone.
>>I think it would be funny to hear the SWAT Kats sing!! LA!!! |^)
>The question is, will we survived?

Yeah. Chance is probably so tone deaf that we'd die just hearing it!! (Tha's
bad, since I try to find every peice of SWAT Kats stuff ever made, a peice
of fantastic art [But this??? Can you imagine? =8^) ])
>>>BTW, ever played "Alley Cat"?
>>I played a CGA version for the PC. It was fun, but when I tried to run it om
>>my pc, I couldn't! Oh well. Gave me room for more kats stuff. [Just a couple
>>a' hoops for the road!!! -Fran Drescha]
>Well, I was talking about the music, not the game. But you're right, it was
fun! Chasing mouse, avoiding dogs, finding your love and have kittens, etc.

Yeah! Nothing to do with SWAT Kats, though. =8^( I've never heard "Alley
Cat". Whatzit like?
>About kats stuff, it's scary, I just downloaded all the pictures from the
images directory.
Something more scary is not having enough space for all your Kats stuff. I'm
going through that now. I hope America Online gives me another Free Start up
Disk soon (They make great kats storage!!)

>"I don't know why they called it a mouse, if you can't chase it, it's no
mouse to me."
Anoter quote is "Is that your mouse you're holding, or are you just exited
to see me?" (Picture insert of Felina here =8^))
Ryan "B-ko Daitokuji" "Snoopy " "Giyggas " "Blex" "Waysgoos" Kelley
SWAT Kats Megafan, anime fan, Japanimation extremist, Whatever.
"Without the world of Imortality at our sides, we would be nothing."
"Abmnesia. One thing leads to another, and..... you know nothing."

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