Re: Music in the kats world.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 16:11:07 +0700

>>>Does anyone wonder about musical instruments in the 'Kats world?
>Yeah. What kind of music DO they listen to. I can't figure out what
>kind of music the SWAT Kats like (I just hope it's not sonething I

Well, one thing for sure, they love to Rock'n'Roll.

>>Well, I always wanted to know if the kats do can sing. Then again, it
>>maybe better to left that topic alone.
>I think it would be funny to hear the SWAT Kats sing!! LA!!! |^)

The question is, will we survived?

>>BTW, ever played "Alley Cat"?
>I played a CGA version for the PC. It was fun, but when I tried to run it om
>my pc, I couldn't! Oh well. Gave me room for more kats stuff. [Just a couple
>a' hoops for the road!!! -Fran Drescha]

Well, I was talking about the music, not the game. But you're right, it was fun! Chasing mouse, avoiding dogs, finding your love and have kittens, etc.

About kats stuff, it's scary, I just downloaded all the pictures from the images directory.

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>SWAT Kats Megafan, anime fan, Japanimation extremist, Whatever.

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