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... or, in other words, junk. ;-)

Thursday's ep was, as it turned out, "A Bright & Shiny Future." But I have
a feeling that "Mutation City" isn't far behind, so I expect it to air
sometime within the next few days.

In any event, a few comments on the last digest:

Edo clarifies his comment on switching the season 1 and season 2 episodes:
> I mean, what will happen if some characteristic (Animation, characters,
> music, etc.) from the second season was used on the first season episodes,
> and vice versa.

Well, with respect to the music, you'd probably get differing opinions.
I've had several people tell me that they liked the season 1 music better
than the season 2 music, while a few have told me the opposite. As far as
the animation sequences go, season 2 definitely tops season 1, especially
in the anime-like scenes where T-Bone and (especially!) Razor suit up.

The big difference in terms of the characters between season 1 and season 2
is that Felina Feral replaces Steel(e); otherwise, the main characters
remain the same. (Then again, you've got one-shot appearances by
characters like Turmoil and Dr. Street, who would have reappeared had more
episodes been made.)

I once commented to someone at ConFurence 6 (I believe his name is Malachi
Keller, who I assume worked on some part of the series since he *did* have
some sort of artwork on display which looked VERY much on-model) about the
quality of Mook's animation versus Hanho Heung-Up's. I thought HHU at the
time did a much better job of drawing the Kats on-model than Mook (and
we're talking only season 1 here), but I had not thought about how the
characters themselves were initially drawn. Although I never saw a set of
the *initial* drawings, I believe that the Kats themselves underwent a
change in drawing style during the first season (sort of like what happened
to Garfield -- compare some of his cartoons from when he was first drawn,
back in 1978, to now).

Edo also queries:
> Does anybody here got a picture of Madkat?

I don't, but I'm sure anyone with a video capture board could probably get
one and put it on the FTP site (hint, hint...)

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