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From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 01:40:37 -0400

At 04:29 AM 4/4/96 PDT, you wrote:
>>*ahem* right ... on another note, for those of you who want to print your
>>own shirts, I think one of Canon's bubble jets has the capability to print
>>on design paper which can be ironed on to any clean shirt ... I think I can
>>find out the model number if anyone is desperate enough to want to know...
>Heh. I happen to have just such a printer (BJC-610) and has excellent
>output. Canon's special cloth transfer paper is available at most office
>supply stores or directly through Canon. (You can do a search for their
>web page since I don't happen to know it.)
>It's kinda funny you brought this up, because I have been working (well,
>_trying_ to find some time to work) on a design for a t-shirt. If (and
>when) I ever get it finished, I'll send a thumbnail version to the ftp

Actually.. it's not the printer that matters, but the ink used. All Canon
printers using CANON ink will do this fine. I myself had worn a MILES
T-shirt (my character, Miles, not Tails) to ConFURence East. Ratman and
lotsa other furs can vouch for it. It's right here with me right now in RL
(Real Life) and the iron-on looks GREAT and cleans quite well (in cold or
warm gentle wash).

T-Bone knows all 'bout it... he bought some of this paper from my Sears
store and he's got a Cannon BJC-600 and an Epson. I know Hewlett Packard
BLACK ink will NOT transfer--so don't even try it (there might be ink by
other manufacturers for HP inkjets that might work.. but I'm not aware of any).

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