Re: Merchandise We'd Like to See: Introduction

From: Louallen Wheeler <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 21:01:40 GMT

-> > T-Shirts and other clothing
-> There were *some* made, but nobody I know actually found them. The
-> problem is, they can make merchandise, but the show isn't widely
-> known enough to make it popular. They need a mail order catalog!
-> My dream shirts: black, with T-Bone on one side and Jake on the other
-> Characters in the lower left hand corner against technical diagrams
-> of the Cycletron and the TurboKat.
-> Hey, I can dream, can't I?
-> Karen Setnor
There is a way to do this... If you have a color printer (laser is
best), you can buy paper for your printer that is iron-on. When you
print it out, put it on a shirt. Voila [sp?]! There you go... If
anybody wants to do this, Radio Shack has the paper, but other places
might also. The paper's a bit spendy though. Or, you could print it
out off of your computer, or get any other pic you want on a shirt and
have it done at a professional place for around $14. My mom did that
for my dad's B-Day with a large picture of the cover of my dad's tape
that he made. His own artwork too... Think about it...

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