Re: Merchandise We'd Like to See: Introduction

From: Walter Koziol <>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 17:44:32 -0400

At 09:01 PM 4/9/96 GMT, you wrote:
>-> > T-Shirts and other clothing
>-> There were *some* made, but nobody I know actually found them. The
>-> problem is, they can make merchandise, but the show isn't widely
>-> known enough to make it popular. They need a mail order catalog!
>-> My dream shirts: black, with T-Bone on one side and Jake on the other
>-> Characters in the lower left hand corner against technical diagrams
>-> of the Cycletron and the TurboKat.
>-> Hey, I can dream, can't I?
>-> Karen Setnor
>There is a way to do this... If you have a color printer (laser is
>best), you can buy paper for your printer that is iron-on. When you
>print it out, put it on a shirt. Voila [sp?]! There you go... If
>anybody wants to do this, Radio Shack has the paper, but other places
>might also. The paper's a bit spendy though. Or, you could print it
>out off of your computer, or get any other pic you want on a shirt and
>have it done at a professional place for around $14. My mom did that
>for my dad's B-Day with a large picture of the cover of my dad's tape
>that he made. His own artwork too... Think about it...
>'Nobody wants to play with me. . .' the man says as he chases his prey
>while driving a monster truck...
> Jedi Louie... (I think..)
>If you are talking about those iron-on transfers lasers are the worst to
use. The toner is of a very fine powerder and that if you wash it even in
cold cycle it will bleed and bleed big time. The best to use is the Canon
Bubble jets and the (I think) Epson Color Stylest II printers. I'll let you
know when I try it out on my Stylest. As you know and for those who don't
know these are bubble jet printers and they act like like the iron-on
machines that you see at your local T-Shirt Express outlets or any other
t-shirt places. These are the best kind to use. If it works on my printer
and is safe to wash at least a dozen times before the color starts to really
fade then I'll go and do custom orders. I will not over charge, just for
the use of the ink, the iron on papers, and the postage and handling. If
you have your favorite pic send it to me via email and I'll print it out on
the iron-on sheets.

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