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From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 02:23:54 -0800

>>>Does this mean that good, mediocre, and not bad doesn't count?
>>Good, yes. Mediocre and bad . . . yeah right. <G>
>Oh well, I guess that have to resign from the fanfic story writing
departement. Hmmm, maybe I should try to draw some Kats art.
Okay then. Could you give me your unfinished fanfic? Mabye I could finish it
for you, if you want to be ashamed of your CREATIVE GENIUS. You should
finish whatever, though. Good, Mediocre and bad aren't possable!

>>>Now if only I can finished my story so that you guys can read it.
Finish it! Show the world how great you are! Write Fanfics! Be cool! Be

>>I *know* this is a 'Kats list, but to quote a certain blue hedgehog: "We're
>>waiting . . ." <RBG>

Even TCN says to "Don't give in to ... evil power ...", HA!!!
>>And if you're too embarrassed to send it to Rat, send
>>it to me! at least, okay? <G>
>It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, it's just that I'm affraid that
my story gonna do more harm than good.
I love harm! SEND IT! I'd love to read it! It can't honestly be worse than
Euroatia and Mind Merge's sequal (I'm gonna modify these so they don't do
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