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Doc Konway writes:
>A quick note of thanks to those persons of offered, with me, to write
>letters to the Consulate of Singapore to try to locate Simon Leet. He's
>been found alive, and none the worse for wear after his ordeal at
>sea, floating for 39 days on a piece of driftwood in the Sea of Japan.
>That will teach him to try to fly the Turbokat without proper training.

and Simon sez:
>>Boy, you get locked out of your net account for a few weeks and the things
>>that start to go around ... sheesh! In anycsae, yes, I'm back ... and
>>there's a certain "fat old scientist" who should get his facts straight ;)

All the same, I sure hope the Turbokat wasn't damaged. I know of a certain
Kat who would be *very* upset if he learned the jet was dinged in any way,
shape or form. (Anyone got a couple of matchhead missiles handy, just in
case, hmm?)

Re: Kats cels... I'd like to get one in particular of the Kats standing in
their hangar (season 1 opener) just before they run to and jump into their
jet. I think there's a screen grab of this on, actually.

Some time ago, Edo asked why HTMLize the FAQ. Here are a couple of reasons
for doing so that I can think of, off the top of my head:
(1) Instantaneous link to email, if you wanted to email Turner or the
Cartoon Network.
(2) Access to other information, such as other web pages, immediately and
directly from the HTMLized FAQ. For example, if a company is mentioned
that has a web page, you can click on the link and it'll take you directly
to that page, if for example you wanted to order something from them. I
don't know of any specific examples that I can offer offhand, however.
(3) It looks cooler if graphics are involved and you have a web browser
that supports graphics, rather than just reading a straight text file.

It's true that not everyone has access to a web browser. But I think more
of us have access to a web browser than don't, so I think creating an
HTMLized FAQ is justified.

And in parting, Happy Easter to the list, and for those of you affected,
don't forget to "spring forward" before you go to sleep on Saturday!

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