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>>Does this mean that good, mediocre, and not bad doesn't count?
>Good, yes. Mediocre and bad . . . yeah right. <G>

Oh well, I guess that have to resign from the fanfic story writing departement. Hmmm, maybe I should try to draw some Kats art.

>But I've got a suggestion. In the script
>premiere of "Cold War," they mention a few years when the 'Kat guys fought
>certain enemies. I don't remember any exactly, but you can always check.

I think that the first two numbers is for the year (Our year) and the last two numbers is for somekind sequence number. Maybe it was labeled that so that the production crew will know who is the enemy that SwatKats fought before.

Example: Bacteria monster (9301), means that the enemy was first shown in 1993 and the number 1 means that it was the first enemy that the SWAT Kats fight in that year (My second guess is that is the episode number.).

>>Now if only I can finished my story so that you guys can read it.
>I *know* this is a 'Kats list, but to quote a certain blue hedgehog: "We're
>waiting . . ." <RBG>

Hmmm, to quote a certain ambassador: "You are not ready."

>And if you're too embarrassed to send it to Rat, send
>it to me! at least, okay? <G>

It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, it's just that I'm affraid that my story gonna do more harm than good.

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Edo Andromedo email :
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