Re: Harvey, Archie and Turner - the unholy trinity of comicdom...

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Ryan wrote:

>(And we're considered large compared to the "Hick-Ville" area practaclly
>surrounding us. If you don't know what "Hick-Ville" means, DON'T ask your

Heh. Why does *this* sentence sound vaguely familiar?

I wrote:
>> The last mention of a Kats-title
>>to Turner reps came at SanDiego comicon, where a rep from a comics
>>outfit approached a Turner rep to ask about a possible Kat-comic, and was
>>laughed off. How professional.

Ryan wrote: (sigh. my kingdom for a quoter...)

>It never ceases to amaze me; the stupidity of the populace are the highest
>ranking officials in the world. Oh, the injustice of it all!

Try talking to the upper echelons of executivedom for a good laugh (or,
some officers in the reserves for that matter), as you find yourself
redefining "stupid" almost on a daily basis. How do these folks rise
to such a "responsible" position on the strength of a single, lonely brain cell?

Certain cartoon execs are princes even among these.
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Hey Ryan...when you gonna fix this, bro? "Immortality"....two "m"'s.

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