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From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 21:22:41 -0800

>art reps total.), and he was unaware of any SK's interest or fandom. So, if
>you haven't called up the animation art number, please do:
> 1 - 800 - 577 - 7878
> It's an 800 number folks. Take a minute out of your day, call it up and
>say you're interested in Kats cels, specifying that the Mook artwork,
>particularly the second season stuff is very important to you. Remember if we
>don't tell them we're interested, they won't know.

I'm sure lots of us are "interested", but don't have the bank account to
make the interest actionable (one of the reasons I tend to keep my nose
out of Galleries). I think they may've shied away from cel sales *this* long
because the average 12-year old F-14 fan doesn't have $400.00 bucks
burning a hole in his back pocket. Still, if you've got the means - kid or
adult - call 'em up. More demand generally means greater availability and lower pricing
(unless you're "The Disney Store", then it's negotiable), and all katfans will eventually
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