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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 06:19:57 +0700

>A.J. wrote this:
>>If somebody writes the story, I'll do the comic book, drawings and all,
>>though I'm still working on callie and the villians, but I can draw
>>t-bone and razor really well, so send me your stories!

You know what A.J., I envy you.

Terra wrote:
>Maybe we don't need to. Just pick a story from the Rat's site, and boom! You
>have an already written story, ready to be drawn.

Just ask the author if they want the story to be drawn, maybe they can give you some direction on how to draw the scene in their story.

>After all, if that's all
>you need, go ahead! I don't mind, and I'm pretty sure the others won't
>either. And when you're done, send me a copy, okay?

And also send it to so that everybody can see it.

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