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>>A Guide to FAQ to the "Children of the Stone" series
>> (or DJ's attempt to keep you guys from getting
>> COMPLETELY confused):
>You should put something like this onto Rat, as well. Would you like me to
>do this for you?
>Every great series needs one of these!

Does this mean that good, mediocre, and not bad doesn't count?

>What does C.E. mean? I've always used A.D. for Kats stories, but wasn't sur=
>on their time, so I avoided the subject, like a weirdo.

Me too, I always avoided the year thing on my fanfic story, I just say=
 something like "xxx years later" (or "xxx years ago", if it's happening in=
 the past)" instead of saying the year (Although that saying the year could=
 be cool thing to say. "The year is XXXX, the name of the place is...=
 MegaKat city."). Now if only I can finished my story so that you guys can=
 read it.

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