Ohh, here's a little poem I wrote . . .

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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 22:35:17 -0600 (CST)

Hi guys! I'm pretty sure I've stated that I'm a writer and a poet, and I've
been doing some writing this weekend, and I wrote this little poem about the
'Kats. It's not funny, actually, it's about one of the stories I've written.
In fact, many of the stories I write on Microsoft Word are very dark, with
rather adult themes. (That's why I never posted 'em. Sorry for those who are
actually perverted enough to like that stuff. I'm not a pervert. The stories
just happened that way.) Many of the poems I write are very dark with gothic
themes. Call is an obsession. <G> The story itself is very gothic, very
dark, and if I can ever figure this #$%_at_$#* transferring system, I might
send it.
I have been told by my L.A. (Language Arts) teacher and many, many
classmates that I am very good at poetry. Read on and add your opinion.
Really cutting flames will be read, laughed at, disposed, and never thought
of again.
Right, this has to do with my vampire kats story.

Shadows Of My Former Life
I sit and watch, watch and wait
In the shadows of my former life,
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting,
Hoping that this thing I've become
Will die away in the memory of my old self.

Here I am, sitting, sitting, sitting,
In the shadows of my former life,
And as I sit, I feel the fangs
And even though I try to fight it,
The evil little teeth grow long and sharp and deadly.

I shake my head and fight it, writhing without moving
In the shadows of my former life,
But it's a loosing battle, and I know it well,
But I cannot allow myself to back down.

My eyes turn the color of the newborn moon
As it emerges from the clouds of dusk,
My fangs are now long and white
But soon will be coated with red,
And the feline nature inside me wails
But the demon is taking control.

The demon forces my to step out
Of the shadows of my former life
Forces me out to hunt and feed,
And though I hate it with all my heart
There is nothing I can do
To make it leave.

Oh, how I loathe this *thing* I've become,
This terrible little creature of the night
And even as I stumble out, ready to kill,
Inside I am screaming "No more!"

And is there any way to stop this madness?
Is there any way to cure it?
I think not, I know not
For if there was,
Do you not think I would leap for it?

I sit and watch, watch and wait
In the shadows of my former life,
Hoping that this deadly night creature I've become
Will never surface again.

And that's it. It's sorta the lament of the SWAT Kat that I had get bitten
by a vampire. (I'm not tellin' who . . . you'll have to guess!) It kinda
says "Here I am, a freakin' monster when I used to be a really cool and good
guy." Or, at least, that's how I *wanted* it to basically say.


Terra Chang:
writer and poet
SWAT Kats lover
Anne Rice fan

"I dunno . . . I kinda figured teachers slept in coffins all summer."
                    --Calvin & Hobbes

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