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><stuff snipped about the Pastmaster>
>>Actually, I liked what you did to him in "Children." But I was kinda
>>surprised that you made him Saruaman the White from (lemme guess) J.R.R.
>>Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. (And yes, even though I do seem kinda strange
>>at times, I have read all of his works concerning Middle Earth.) But there's
>>something wrong with making him Saruaman. He was killed by
>Wormtongue at the end of Return of the King, remember?

No. I read the series in fourth grade, so the story's kinda fuzzed, and I
use kinda lightly. My Idea on him was a bit different, but oh well. the more
creative people get, the better
>Of course. Sauraman the Pastmaster is dead--didn't you know that? In
>terms, death isn't the end of living. You can get along just fine in
>the right position.
>After his death, Sauraman the White was picked up by the Isatari and
Dr, Jake, uh...... could I borrow your Lopinean idea for my next fanfic
when the Archeivers clash with the entire SWAT Kat's planet? (You don't know
the Archeivers, but they're almost like the Lopineans [only more involved])

>>Yeah, go slow. I have a little bit of romantic tension in my current story
>>project--and if I ever finish it, I hope it doesn't leave everyone all
>Actually, Abi and Jake just kind of "like each other" until well into
>the sequel. Same with Felina and Chance. One thing all writers should
>watch out for: NO SEX. Don't stick it in. At least not until you've built up
>the relationship over several stories and several hundred kilobytes. An
unamed SK
>fanfic author . . . all right it was B-KO . . . didn't follow these
restrictions and . . .
>well . . .

Huh? But how? That's impossable! You couldn't have read Euroatia! I'm in the
process of weeding out all the crap in it! In fact, it's not even finished!
I kept my stories at least 'R' rated (but in Midnight Magic, I say one
thing, and you could think another, especally toward the beginning). Mabye,
let's say, that all future fanfics should try to stay PG-13 and under, so
stuff like this dosn't happen!!

> Dr. Jake
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