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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 22:13:50 -0600 (CST)

>A Guide to FAQ to the "Children of the Stone" series
> (or DJ's attempt to keep you guys from getting
> COMPLETELY confused):

Oh, THANK YOU, DJ. That was just so kind. (Sorry if I sound sarcastic, I'm
feeling a little bummed.)

>4. How does Kehor know Thoran?
> Is it important?

I dunno. I'm not the author, YOU are! <G>

>8. So Jake's Jewish? Why?
> Because it works out nicely later on.

I'm sure that shall be explained in the sequel, hmmmmm?

>6. What's with the Abi/Jake thing? Will we see more?
> Sure. That's all I'm telling.

> There is a sequel in the works. It's called "vurturil" and
>for the moment I can't explain why. Read Watership Down REALLY

I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW!!!! <Terra's jumping up and down, I REALLY wanna tell
why, but if I do, DJ might kill me.> <G> Can I e-mail you privately and tell
you what I *think* it is?

>9. So Frith (or Frith-rah) is the sun, right?
> Uh-huh.

(Frithrah! Frith-rah= The Lord Sun! Often used as an exclamaion between rabbits)


Surprisingly, I'm not yet. Try harder next time. <G>

>unknown date - Sauraman comes to kat dimension

Whatever the date, it had to have happened *after* he was killed in Middle
> "Virthuril is finished and

Isn't Virthuril the name of <somebody clamps hand over mouth before any more
words come out> mmmhpgh Fivmmpo domphghg???

>Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, e-mail me at
> I'll add it to the list.
> Dr. Jake

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