Re: OK, I'm back!

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 17:52:32 -0600 (CST)

> Ummm, okay. Welcome back!! This little 'kat gives ya a big high-five for
> coming back to us!!

    And right back at ya!

> >topics mainly, to ask about and comment on,
> Fine with me. I don't mind. (Heck, I've saved nearly every message I got
> from this list since I subsribed.) <Lord knows how long *that* is> <G>

    I've got nearly all of them too, but someday I think I'll just replace
everything with the archives to fill the holes and keep 'em seperate
from all my other E-mail. But that would mean I would actually get something
organized, a first if there ever was one.

> > Could someone please tell me who this Olga Person is?
> Sorry sir. I do not understand the question. <G>

    Others will (Ditto on the <G> )

> > |\ __ /| Kevin L. Knoles |\ __ /|
> > | | | |
> > \ / The Long Lost, but now found Kats Fan \ /
> > \/ \/
> Cool sig. I like the kats heads. (They *are* kats head, aren't they?)


    Well, more like the closest thing I could come to the Kat symbol as seen
during the ending credits. I had earlier come up with this:


         but decided on a bigger, four line version. Whether or not it
looks good kind of depends upon the font you're using. Good in some fonts,
bad in others.

    Which brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask: Has anyone ever
made SWAT Kats ascii art? And if so could you please post it? I think
I'll make a request in the ascii group for some, direct them to stuff up on and post whatever's made (Unless it's SWAT perv <shudder> )

> Terra Chang:

  |\ __ /| Kevin L. Knoles |\ __ /|
  | | | |
   \ / The Long Lost, but now found Kats Fan \ /
     \/ \/

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