Re: OK, I'm back!

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 16:31:23 -0600 (CST)

> Long time readers/subscribers of this list may remember me as a SWAT Kats
>fan and then newbie (Though in all the ways that count I still am one.) who
>would loyally read and occasionally post to the list. The list regulars
>patiently tolerated my on-line mumbles and manic ranting and raving up until
>the day I had to leave for the summer, at which point they must have all
>cheered my departure. I asked for a few snail mail addresses, thanked those
>who were gracious enough to provide them, and then mysteriously never returned
>even after I got back on line. I fear I had became a Kats lurker (Horrors!)
>After a lengthy spell of procrastination I began to feel that I couldn't just
>come back out of the blue, I had to make an event out of it or somehow
>compensate my prolonged absence (Weird idea, I know.) I have done something
>similar that I'd been meaning to do for awhile; In the past several weeks a
>little under 50 new images have appeared at, and I'm the one who
>scanned and FTPed 'em. I won't go on about the difficulties I had scanning the
>stuff and tolerating the problems this server kept throwing at me, or will I
>tell of all the harassment I gave Ratman (At least not yet.) The important
>thing is that the images are there (Though they could use some gamma
>correction.) and I *am* back. And what better time to come back to the list
>than today, the list's birthday? Think of it as a gag gift.

Ummm, okay. Welcome back!! This little 'kat gives ya a big high-five for
coming back to us!!

> I was cosidering throwing out all sorts of topics for discussion in this
>post, but then I decided to instead kept it short and sweet and leave the
>discussion in other posts. I've read almost all of the posts made since I
>left, with a few holes in various places, and I've got a lot of things, old
>topics mainly, to ask about and comment on,

Fine with me. I don't mind. (Heck, I've saved nearly every message I got
from this list since I subsribed.) <Lord knows how long *that* is> <G>

> Could someone please tell me who this Olga Person is?

Sorry sir. I do not understand the question. <G>

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> \ / The Long Lost, but now found Kats Fan \ /
> \/ \/

Cool sig. I like the kats heads. (They *are* kats head, aren't they?)

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