Re: OK, I'm back!

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 07:33:54 +0700

Kevin.L wrote:
>> I was cosidering throwing out all sorts of topics for discussion in this
>>post, but then I decided to instead kept it short and sweet and leave the
>>discussion in other posts. I've read almost all of the posts made since I
>>left, with a few holes in various places, and I've got a lot of things, old
>>topics mainly, to ask about and comment on,

Terra wrote:
>Fine with me. I don't mind. (Heck, I've saved nearly every message I got
>from this list since I subsribed.) <Lord knows how long *that* is> <G>

You also do that too, Terra? I too also saved *every* message that I receieved from the list since the day I subscribed, and I keep doing that even though I know that there is an archive somewhere.

>> Could someone please tell me who this Olga Person is?
>Sorry sir. I do not understand the question. <G>

Same here, who the heck is Olga?

>Terra Chang:

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