Re: Stereo WAV, is it necesary?

From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 21:43:23 -0800

At 11:40 PM 3/17/96 +0700, you wrote:
>I just downloaded some WAV files from, I found that the stereo
files isn't very necesary because the file size is double the size of a
normal WAV file (If we want hear the SWAT Kats theme song in stereo, I
suggest that we use a stereo MOD file instead of a stereo WAV file.).

<blink> A mod, huh? :P heheh Makes almost as much as sense telling us to
stick to a MIDI with SoundFont banks instead of using a WAV file. :P

If someone would care to take the time to compose a MOD, that'd be nice--but
it certainly wouldn't make me NOT want a stereo WAV file of the ACTUAL theme
song. A MOD file is a sequenced music file format... a WAV file is an actual
digital sound file--nothing is sequenced. Personally, I'd LOVE to have a
MOD file of the theme, but I certainly wouldn't toss the WAV either--they'll
be different.

As for stereo.. for small sound samples, it's not necessary--no... but on
the theme song--you better BELIEVE I wanna hear it in stereo... pile on
those bytes..I want that theme to sound GOOD!

                                                -Dan Ramos
                                                 Miles _at_ Furry/FurTooniaMUCKs

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