SK Drinking Game

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 20:47:13 EST

I'm going to Phoenix from Wednesday until Sunday, so here's a nice
little present before I go (as if Children of the Stone wasn't big

 (taken from the Gargoyles Drinking Game on the
WWW fanfic archive)

1. Get an ample supply of your favorite drink.

2. Gulp every time the show meets this criteria:


1. Drink once if Cally mentions the SWAT Kats around Jake
 and Chance.
   Drink Twice if Cally mentions Jake and Chance around the
SWAT Kats.

2. Drink once if the SKs/Jake and Chance call each other by
the wrong aliases. (ex: TB calling Razor Jake while in flight
   Drink twice if it's not in the hanger or the garage.

3. Drink once if one of the kats makes a REALLY, REALLY lame
   Drink twice if a pun or proverb is involved.

4. Drink once if Feral says, "Bring me chopper backup!"
   Drink twice if he isn't in a chopper at the time.
   Drink three times if he's in a chopper, but hasn't crashed

5. Drink once if the SWAT Kats dis Feral.
   Drink twice if he isn't there.
   Drink three times if Jake and Chance dis Feral.

6. Drink once if Dr. Sinian is in the episode.

7. Drink once if Felina imitates her uncle.

8. Drink once if Felina disobeys her uncle.

9. Drink once if Feral lets Felina go anyway.
   Drink twice if he feels bad about it.
   Drink three times if he mentions it out loud.

10. Drink once every time Ann Gora interrupts a show for
a news flash.
    Drink twice if Ann Gora reports on ANYTHING that
isn't a news flash.
    Drink three times if the report doesn't even involve
someone attacking anyone, or the SWAT Kats.

11. Drink once if Charlie Adler (T-Bone, Murry, Zed) plays
more than one guy in an episode.
    Drink twice if it's in the same scene.
    Drink three times if he has one-on-one dialogue with

12. Drink once if Razor gets whiny and sounds like Donetello.
    Drink twice if it's for pretty much the whole episode.

13. Drink once if Mac and Molly bicker.
    Drink twice if they revert to name-calling.

14. Drink once if Molly makes a comment of Mac's driving.

15. Drink once if Professor Hackle acts senile.
    Drink twice if it's cute.

16. Drink once if we get to see Jake and Chance doing
something related to their business.
    Drink twice if it gets in the way of being SKs.

17. Drink once if Cally acts cute and sounds like Babs.

18. Drink once if Dr. Viper hisses.
    Drinkk twice if it's in a word that doesn't REALLY have
an "s" in it.

19. Drink once if Feral curses the SWAT Kats.
    Drink twice if he curses Jake and Chance the same way.

20. Drink once if Mayor Manx's hairpiece moves.
    Drink twice if he has to pick it up.
    Drink three times if someone picks it up for him.

21. Drink once of the SKs battle a monster we could all really
care less about.

22. Drink once if AGAIN you notice the similarities between
"Caverns of Horror" and "Ci-kat-ta" episodes.

23. Drink once if the episode involved a childish fear (or fault)
T-Bone must overcome.

24. Drink once if Razor makes and comments on an update to
their jet.
    Drink twice if it JUST HAPPENS to come in handy for that
particular episode.

25. Drink once if Razor fights the bad guys in a building or
something while T-Bone hangs out in the Turbokat.

26. Drink once if ANYONE in the city handles ANY problem by
themselves, without the help of the SKs.

27. Drink once if you noticed that calender still on July.

28. Drink once if the Turbokat does some rediculious stunt.
    Drink twice if it goes against the laws of nature, gravity,
and/or space.
Hope that's enough to occupy you guys still I get back! BTW,
Vurthuril (Children's sequel) is really coming along great. I think
a bit better than the first. I hope you guys do to. Unfortunately,
Monday I return to school and G-d knows when I'll find time to
it (don't worry. It'll be in the next month or so).


                                                Dr. Jake

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