Children of the Stone (it's up!)

Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 19:22:30 EST

>I liked it!! Very good!!!

Thanks a lot. I'm glad to see it finally got up for you guys. The
is in the works.

And, BTW, did you get Lopine from Watership down,
>with the Lapines? (Fiver, Hazel, etc.)? Frith-rah was their lord.
Did you
>get it from Watership Down or not?!

Yup. I was kinda wondering when someone was gonna realize it.
I posted a 4-part story called The Chomzon Chronicles on the
club on Prodigy's SCI-FI BB. The whole thing's about 350-400 pages
Took me a year. Anyway, it's a seaQuest story that involves a
race called chomzons (gee, that was hard to tell). I make TONS of
Watership Down references throughout the whole thing, and NO ONE
picked up on it.

   Lopine is a religion with origins unknown, but it is believed to
begun with a small cult of rabbits who practiced something called
From there it got a vowel change spread beyond thousands of specials.

Beliefs, customs, and folklore range throughout the crowd. I could
write something up on it if you guys want to know more.

                                           Dr. Jake

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