Re: The original TurboKat.

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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 12:06:37 -0800

Chance wrote:
>>there's an ep (and I can't recall the title without
>>spending some time looking) where Razor's just finished doing some mod or other,
>>and they're in the air heading off to some emergency. T-Bone says something
>>along the lines of "We'll be right there!", to which Razor replies, "We'll get *there*
>>a lot faster with *all* our engines!", then the third nozzle of the TK ingites.

Edo wrote:

>So basicaly the third engine is normaly used as an extra thruster in an afterburner flight, right?

You'd figure that's how it *should* work, but the storyboard artists
didn't make it clear to the overseas animators, I would guess, as
that third nozzle seems to more or less randomly show "exhaust"
whether they're hot to get somewhere or just taking in the view.

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