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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 02:41:00 +0700

>This is a "crazy idea" ala Razor. (e.g. "Razor, is this another one of your
>crazy ideas?"
>What I was thinking was to combine all of us writers into an RPG.(Role
>Playing Game.) I mean all of us, and make it into one HUGE story that we can
>all drag up and say "Twenty years from now I'm gonna look back on this and

Cool! just like what they did on the Defiant Story List, they write story, then when the people that write it finish the story, they passed to others so that the story will continue.

>But I need the list's approval and help. After all, one person by herself or
>himself, or even two people cannot do it. I was thinking, one RPG for us,
>and we each take on rolls of our own . . . (ala my "assuming the idenity of
>a character" idea.) They did it in the a.b.a.r. (I'm *NOT* saying either is
>better, I'm using them for an example for that it *can* be done!!!)

Hey, it really can be done, the Defiant Story List that I subscribe to also can be consider as an example. Of course in the Defiant RPG, the one that lead us (The Defiant Crew) is Captain Bridges, now who is the one that are gonna lead us Kats?

>So, what do you people think? Like it? An RPG of the 'Kats list? what say?
>And, if we do this, I wanna do the first post. I mean, it's only fair, 'caue
>it was my idea!!

<Edo is banging his head to wall for not proposing this idea sooner>

>And who knows?! If this works, we can always try another one!!
>So what do you guys think? Go for it or drop it?
>Well?!?!?! Should we?

Come people, we need more vote on this idea. Should we do it?

>(And I already have an idea of who should be Chance . . . <G&W>)
>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist
>SWAT Kats lover
>Anne Rice fan
>Thinking: Are we gonna go through with my crazy idea or not?

Well Terra, I always follow you when ever you go.

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