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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 02:40:36 +0700

>>Er, yes and no. I really hate it if one of the character was cut from an
>>episode. But really, I do think that she get a good character placement in
>>"Cry Turmoil".
>Did she even appear? I don't remember that!

Bingo! that is exactly what I mean (She doesn't appear in "Cry Turmoil".), now why would a Deputy Mayor be running around inside a carrier? I think that episode really place her in a right place.

>>Yeah, so is playing with fire.
>I've got five candles in my room, and I lit them almost every night. <More

He.he.he, I always like playing with fire. "MatchHead Missile, DEPLOYED!"

>>Claudia who?
>Claudia from IwtV. Part of your signature reminds me of a description Louis
>gave after the false death of Lestat. I can explain more later, but this is
>a 'Kats list, not A.R. <Wink>

Oh, I thought that you were refering to Claudia Christian.

>>Ok, so what happen in March 16?
>Yeah, why did you say you think you were gonna faint? (Must've been pretty big.)

Let me guess, a gigantic purple ape is coming to your home for a visit, right Melissa?

>>Edo Andromedo email :
>>"A shining beacon, all alone in the night."
>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist
>SWAT Kats lover
>Anne Rice fan

Edo Andromedo email :
"A shining beacon, all alone in the night."

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