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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:27:16 -0500

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>Also, about the Cyclotron, there are some eps where the Cyclotron DOESN'T
>get TRASHED!!!!! In 'Ghost Pilot' the cyclotron doesn't get trashed. And
>there was another ep where it didn't get a scratch, plus, the Cyclotron
>actually DOCKED with the TurboKat in flight!!!

That happened in "Giant Bacteria".

Another vehicle was the TurboMole, handy for those pesky collapsed mines.

There is also a Cookie Cutter Missile, and there are extendable saw blades
on top of the TurboKat, but I don't recall them calling them anything.
T-Bone used them to cut the power lines in "Giant Bacteria".


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