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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 13:20:41 -0500

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>Strange, most city use their name as initials for the police departement
>initials, like the New York Police Departement was called "N. Y. P. D" and
>the Los Angeles Police Departement was called "L. A. P. D.". Is the full
>name of MegaKat is "MegaKat City" or "MegaKat"?

I'd venture to say the city's full name is "MegaKat City". It's spelled out
that way on public buildings, and I don't recall anyone on the show dropping
the "city" part when saying it's name. The only place you tend to see
MegaKat used alone is as part of private business names, not public ones.

>What are they doing there anyway? kitten usualy doesn't hang around in a
>golf course. Park yes, sandboxes yes, but golf course?

Probably brought there by thier parents, much like human parents tend to
take thier kids where ever they go.


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