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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 20:42:12 +0700

>>M. C. P. D.???
>Yep. There's been a few scenes where you'll see the disaster area roped off
>with yellow tapes, and those are the initials on it. What else could it
>stand for other than Megakat City Police Department?

Strange, most city use their name as initials for the police departement
initials, like the New York Police Departement was called "N. Y. P. D" and
the Los Angeles Police Departement was called "L. A. P. D.". Is the full
name of MegaKat is "MegaKat City" or "MegaKat"?

>>Hmmm, what are those kids doing there anyway?
>I'd guess they are being bored by the mayor's golf game like the rest of us.

I like golf, I don't mind watching the mayor playing golf. But then again,
I don't want to watch the Manx golf tourmanent in "Chaos in Crystal".

>They're just part of the crowd watching the game.

What are they doing there anyway? kitten usualy doesn't hang around in a
golf course. Park yes, sandboxes yes, but golf course?


BTW, have anybody here visit the IRC lately?

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