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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 05:58:36 -0500

Hmm... all of this talk about Kat decency, particularly lately, has had me
wondering if the subject was at least partially brought up because of the
recent passage of the Communications Decency Act. For those of you who
don't know what it does (especially if you live outside the U.S.), it makes
the electronic distribution of sexually explicit material to minors
illegal. Sites that participate in such activity can be shut down.
(Wonder how such an act would hold in Megakat City, eh? ;-)

Why is Skaredy Kat nude and not the citizens of Megakat City? My answer is
that Skaredy Kat's a toon, much like Tom of Tom & Jerry. Neither Skaredy
nor Tom need to wear clothes, and they can both withstand -- more or less
-- forms of abuse that would normally kill, maim or disfigure people, such
as having bombs explode in their faces. Kats, on the other hand, are more
like us -- they're much more prone to being injured or killed by a similar
incident. (Imagine, for example, if the Oklahoma City bombing were to take
place in Megakat City. The casualty count would probably be the same.)

Okay, enough of that (toon clothing's been discussed to death on another
mailing list I'm on). On to some listmail replies...

Max comments on my query about Megakat City's building code (or lack thereof):
> Considering large parts of the city are being constantly destroyed,
> yet we seldom see any construction going on, they're throwing
> buildings back up so fast that they couldn't be taking the time to
> do it right. That or all the building are built by the same Kats
> that make helicopters for the enforcers.

Or Mayor Manx is diverting a lot of the city's money to his own projects
(improvement of Megakat Springs Golf Course or reconstruction of Megakat
Towers, etc.) that the city can't afford anything *but* shoddy construction
and workmanship.

Interestingly enough, we haven't seen the city get hit with any *natural*
disasters, such as extensive flooding, earthquakes and so on. Neither has
it been hit with any riots (citizens fleeing in panic don't count).

> Besides, can anyone picture Feral checking building permits?

Feral? Naah... he'd delegate it to either Felina or Lieutenant Steel(e).

I'm revising a few of the Kats' web pages. In a few days or so I'll be
adding pages for Commander Feral, Felina Feral, Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor
Briggs. If anyone has some good-quality scans of all of these characters
by themselves, let me know (I'm planning on adding thumbnails of these
characters to their respective web pages, like I did for T-Bone and Razor).

Also in the works: I'll be updating the FAQ shortly. A new version should
be on within a few hours of this listmail posting.

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