Re: Kat decency (and other Kat stuff)

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 11:07:31 EST

>Why is Skaredy Kat nude and not the citizens of Megakat City? My answer is
>that Skaredy Kat's a toon, much like Tom of Tom & Jerry. Neither Skaredy
>nor Tom need to wear clothes, and they can both withstand -- more or less
>-- forms of abuse that would normally kill, maim or disfigure people, such
>as having bombs explode in their faces. Kats, on the other hand, are more

But the problem is that Skaredy Kat is a Kat, rather than some other
species. If he was of some other species the question would have
never arisen. The analogy is that naked humans are generally not
acceptable in mainstream 'toons, apart from a few enlightened

>Max comments on my query about Megakat City's building code (or lack thereof):
>> Considering large parts of the city are being constantly destroyed,
>> yet we seldom see any construction going on, they're throwing
>> buildings back up so fast that they couldn't be taking the time to
>> do it right. That or all the building are built by the same Kats
>> that make helicopters for the enforcers.
>Or Mayor Manx is diverting a lot of the city's money to his own projects
>(improvement of Megakat Springs Golf Course or reconstruction of Megakat
>Towers, etc.) that the city can't afford anything *but* shoddy construction
>and workmanship.

Or the Kat Mob has their fingers in the construction pie, just like
we have here :(

>Interestingly enough, we haven't seen the city get hit with any *natural*
>disasters, such as extensive flooding, earthquakes and so on. Neither has
>it been hit with any riots (citizens fleeing in panic don't count).

Not having seen all the eps :( :( :(, I ask: were there any eps with
totally conventional villains, that is villains without super powers
or hardware?

>> Besides, can anyone picture Feral checking building permits?
>Feral? Naah... he'd delegate it to either Felina or Lieutenant Steel(e).

None of the above. More likely there is a Housing Department in City
Hall which has its own flunkies for that. The Enforcers have far
better things to do. Well, sometimes :)


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