Re: Kats at Toy Fair

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 17:48:44 EST

>>Anyway, Gordy Toy has retained the SK license, and still offers their full
>>SK product line:
>>Flash Gun, Sunglasses, Handcuffs, Flying Props, Action Set, Bubble
>>Blaster, Karate Punch Game, Glider Launcher, Binocular
>>They also had four different molded case watches:
>>Both Kats, T-Bone, Razor, TurboKat
>Any word on if these items are just being offered to buyers (i.e. toy
>stores), or to the public? I've collected a few of the items (not all from
>Gordy), but haven't been able to find any watches or the other items in the

Gordy was offering the complete line for sale, so presumably they're
still available. The problem is that the stores aren't buying the
line, no doubt because it's not on the air. FWIW, I only found the
Flash Gun at the PathMark supermarket where I shop; they still have
quite a few.

While I was masquerading as a buyer, I can't follow through :) And
as the items are all sold with a minimum of six dozen per, I don't
know how one might get a retailer to special order them. I just
checked the catalog, BTW, and everything is available.

>>TedCo is _very_ aggressively pushing Jonny Quest as a licensed property.
>Uh, Ted? Give it up man! It's a losing battle!

One article said that TedCo is putting about $40 million into the
marketing campaign, and is giving JQ the same effort as a major
theatrical film. Talk about misguided. Sigh...


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