Re: To Feral or not to Feral, that is the question.

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 19:24:55 -0800

>>>B-ko Daitokuji wrote:
>>>>Turner's a $_at_#^! That's why!
>>>Hmmm, five letters, could it be that Turner is a "Feral"?
>>Insult to Feral! Come on, Feral's not that bad!
>Well, I mean the cat type, and not Commander Feral's last name. What I mean
>is, could it be that Turner is an alley cat?
It's still an insult to the... er- whatever you said.

>>Look Ted is self-centered. I was watching Turner's Barly Sane (TBS), and
>>what did I see, there was it's slogan "Wake up to TBS!" and there was Ted's
>>coffe mug, with his name on it. I ask you, what kind of self important idiot
>>would put valuable time into a half second on his coffee mug?
>I know the answer.
Well for gosh sakes, tell me. If anyone else has a clue, tell me. why is the
punk so self centered?

>>And another thing, the movie that followed was edited for time. Why
>>would anyone want to do that, so we can get another glimpse at his coffee
>>mug, or his sickish face (it is an ugly site! I've seen the thing on TV!)?
>I know the answer for this one too.
comment here same as above.

>>I ask you, go nice on Feral.
>Well, which Feral do you want me to be nice to? Of course I be nice to all
>Feral cats and kats, just as long that they doesn't bug me.

go on both! When Ted's involved, calling him anything is an insult to
whatever you're calling him.

>>Out of all the SWAT Kat characters, I empithasize
>>with him the most and sometimes, I find I act just like him (weird!)! Don't
>>ask me why, because I don't know!!
>Well, out of all the SWAT Kats characters, I think that the character that
>I can relate to myself is probaly Steel (Or is it Steele?), since that I
>act (almost) just like him, and when chance (Andy Hill) told me that Steel
>is the sorta guy that has no friends, I became more certain that there is
>some connection between me and Steel.
Well, do you get so much into it that you even have a neice that (I can't
say for certian) might look like Felina? Something like that's happening to
me. Her parents kinda look like Felina, so I don't have a clue. Also, my
urge for breaking things when I get highly agitated didn't start when I
noticed the connection between us. THIS is why I say what I say. Does anyone
else get this close to being a clone of a SWAT Kat character?
Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley
SWAT Kats Extremist
Good thing you can't see me in person!!

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