Re: Movies = SWAT Kats ?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 14:39:19 +0700

Terra wrote:
>Sounds kinda like something Courtney does. Whenever she sees a new movie,
>she visualizes her current favorite T.V. show characters as the stars. (Like
>in "Goldeneye" Razor was bond, Callie was the girl, etc. <So I've never seen
>this movie. Oh well.>)

Razor was Bond??? I think that agent Q is much better comparison. :-)

BTW, if Callie was the girl, who is Felina?

Oh yeah, ever try to visualize SWAT Kats as Star Wars? Felina and Dark Kat
already got the role. :-) I put T-Bone and Razor in the part of Han Solo.

BTW, speaking of Star Wars, I once saw a Star Wars chess game, I wonder
what will happen if there is gonna be a SWAT Kats chess game.

>And then with "Waterworld" it was Sonic characters...

What part does Knuckles got in "Waterworld"? :-)

>BTW, any new stories?

Ryan's "Razor's Lament" and "Dark Ages" are currently the newest story
around, beside those two, I don't know any new stories around.

>I've got a three-day weekend here and nothing to do....

Try IRC, maybe we can waste more time that way. ;-)

>Terra Chang,
>fan of a buncha stuff,

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