Re: How to draw

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 17:09:00 PST

>Many of you have probably tried to draw T-Bone or any other SWAT Kat
>character, and said, "I can't do this! It just doesn't look right!"

>Draw a circle. Just a normal circle of how big ya want his face.

This is the basic way that all animators create their characters. Several
books are available on cartoon artistry.

>The model sheets for the Kat-guys that appeared in
>"Toon" are extremely helpful for the would-be katanimators
>among us. They show the construction lines and little
>"rules" that help prevent all that "I can't do this!"
screaming that usually accompanies many scrunched up
>balls of paper. I draw 'em at work - where I have copies
>of Butch Hartman's katmodel sheets up on the wall!

Not all of us can be that lucky -- yet! :)
When working on the drawings that I've done, I usually reference the scans
that Andy (?) has already sent to the ftp site - they are invaluable.
 However, I'm starting to integrate a little of my own influence, and
sometimes you can tell. If anyone's interested in how I've done my drawings
send me some private mail & I'll let you in.


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