Re: To Feral or not to Feral, that is the question.

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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 08:14:04 -0800

>Well, out of all the SWAT Kats characters, I think that the character that
>I can relate to myself is probaly Steel (Or is it Steele?), since that I
>act (almost) just like him, and when chance (Andy Hill) told me that Steel
>is the sorta guy that has no friends, I became more certain that there is
>some connection between me and Steel.

That's one thing I've noticed about any animated effort that I watch repeatedly:
you're able to kind of "get into the character's head" a bit and understand what
makes him tick, and even predict how the character would react to a situation
in advance of the writers. That's also what I find defines the better scripts for
things like the 'Kats as well. The writers take the characters and build the stories
around *them*, as opposed to some of the competition who come up with a
standard type of ac/adv story framework and attempt to somehow deform the
characters in order to "fit". The last season of TMNT springs to mind.

Steel's cool because I think there's so much more to the character than the
2D "asshole" image projected in WODK, and at the risk of lapsing into
kidspeak - "they should have used him more". In fact, all the "baddies"
in the kat-toon wind up being semi-sympathetic because you look at the
actions of the Pastmaster, the Metallikats, or even Steel, and ask yourself
*why* they do what they do rather than accepting them as the obligatory
black-hats to the Kat-guys white. This kind of stuff was infectious to the
viewers and writing staffers alike, but seems valueless to an outfit like Tedco
who seek to define such things as a function of the "subtotal" key on
Atlanta's cash-register. That can work too - it just helps if you plug it in.

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