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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 11:51:50 -0800

>Many of you have probably tried to draw T-Bone or any other SWAT Kat
>character, and said, "I can't do this! It just doesn't look right!"

Me sometimes - but absolutely everyone at Hanho Heung-Up!

>Draw a circle. Just a normal circle of how big ya want his face.
>Next, pretend it's a sphere. Draw a rounded line around the circle
>vertically. Do the same for horizontal. Make shure the place where the
>two lines cross is the middle of his nose. I can't explain much more in
>text, so when I am able to make attachments, I'll make a pbrush pic of it.

The model sheets for the Kat-guys that appeared in "Toon" are extremely
helpful for the would-be katanimators among us. They show the construction
lines and little "rules" that help prevent all that "I can't do this!" screaming
that usually accompanies many scrunched up balls of paper. I draw 'em at
work - where I have copies of Butch Hartman's katmodel sheets up on the wall!

(some days I even get work done too....)
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