Re: Litterboxes and Kat showers

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 96 11:02:03 EST

>Showers and bathtubs definitely exist in Megakat City. In fact, we see
>that in the episode "Mutation City," where Mayor Manx attempts to take a
>shower but it fills instead with slime. However, Manx's bathroom doesn't
>show a toilet, and we know that Megakat Litter exists (cf. "Night of the
>Dark Kat"), so... ;-) and as far as Razor's furball in "Bride of the
>Pastmaster" goes, my guess is that Kats must take regular showers, but will
>resort to licking themselves for emergency grooming.

Cats will also groom themselves as a reaction to stress, so this may
be where the hairballs would come from.

Have Kat meals ever been shown? If so, were there any vegetable,
bread, etc? Just wondering, because cats are pretty much pure

>One thing comes to mind though: house cats generally don't like water,
>although some larger cats, like tigers, will readily swim in or soak in
>water, either to cool off or to pursue prey. I get the feeling that Kats
>don't mind water, either (i.e., Megakat State Beach, Anakatta Island, etc.)

Tigers and Jaguars are pretty much the only cats that will readily
take to water, though most if not all cats can swim. The fact that
Kats actually enjoy water is likely just another case of allowing
reason to overcome instinct, like us apes have done as well.


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