Re: Hairballs (was: Kat Commodes)

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 00:59:48 +0700

>>Same here. BTW, I'm still curious, does the kats still lick themself when
>>ever they needed a bath?
>There have been comments about getting/having/coughing up a hairball in
>various episodes. In fact, in "Bride of the Pastmaster", Razor coughs up
>one while they're trying to stop the "oil sucking eels". He had to get the
>hairball _somehow_... Maybe they lick themselves clean in the shower? I
>really don't think this was something the writers had planned on explaining
>in any great detail -- it was just a funny "gag" (pun intended)!

I'm always curiuos on the kats attitude, we know that they are civilize
beings now, but do they still maintains their cat like behaviour after they
have been civilize?

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