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From: Leet Wai Leong Simon <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 20:19:12 +0800 (GMT-8)

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Ed Rudnicki wrote:

> >In one of the eps I think Dr. Viper winds up in a Megakat City sewer tunnel
> >after escaping something or other. In one of the other eps, Razor and T-Bone
> >head to a warehouse labelled "Megakat Kitty Litter" or similar. Think about that
> >for a sec...some Kats have a Throne and others have the sandbox? Feral would
> >need a *big* sandbox....
> Indeed, in a scene in another ep Chance makes the comment about "he
> looks like he hasn't hit the litter box in a week".
> I really can't see Kats continuing to use litterboxes, although it
> does lead to amusing images :)

Heh. Who knows? Maybe the Kats have a *really* high tech litter box!
Think about it ... maybe the kitty litter they use is really a compound
which soaks in liquid waste and sinks to the bottom of the box where a
liquid irrigation system cleans the litter and sends it back to the top
and ... naaaaah! I still kinda like the idea of the Kats using litter
boxes though ... it just fits somehow ...

Simon Leet <> :)
- *sigh* now everything I did wrong in '95 can return
  to haunt me. Hurrah.

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