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From: Paul Kemner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 12:54:38 -0500

On the Megakat sewer- Human cities have seperate sanitary & storm sewers.
The sewer grates & openings you see in the street lead to a storm sewer,
where the rainwater, trash on the street, etc. goes. While the contents of
your toilet don't end up there, plenty of gross things (road kill, bird
dung...) do. You have a dual sewer system because you don't want a heavy
rainstorm swamping your treatment plant.
So- I think that the Megakat City sewer is a storm sewer.

I don't think that the Kats use conventional flush toilets. It's pretty
wasteful to treat your water to (hopefully) drinkable quality, then fill
your toilet bowl with it. I immagine that in bygone days Kats had indoor
litter boxes, just like people had chamberpots when they didn't want to go
to the outdoor outhouse.
Now, they probably have a high-tech toilet filled with scoopable kitty
litter. After use, it automatically scoops the waste into a sealed container
for dry disposal. (I recently saw a high-tech cat litterbox similar to this
advertised in Smithsonian Magazine for $200)

Anyway, Kats still joke about the litter pan, etc. like some people still
make jokes about outhouses.

Wow- my first post to the Kats list, & it's about waste!

>>In one of the eps I think Dr. Viper winds up in a Megakat City sewer tunnel
>>after escaping something or other. In one of the other eps, Razor and T-Bone
>>head to a warehouse labelled "Megakat Kitty Litter" or similar. Think
about that
>>for a sec...some Kats have a Throne and others have the sandbox? Feral would
>>need a *big* sandbox....

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