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>>Jake And Chance could if there the show's thrid season had happened
>>it would be part of the plotline that they look for love.
>>It would go like this..
>Could I add my ideas?

Sure, I'm going to add my own ideas too.


Agreed, I will have a nightmare thinking about this.

>could be

They may have a date (The usual one, no romantic thing.), but I don't think
that they will married each other.

>Mabye NOT. I just can't see them together!!

Well, there is still the possiblities of a date, but I don't think that
they will married each other. Beside, I don't think that anyone would want
to go near her (In their right mind.), just remember..., who is her uncle.

>In his dreams!

When I dream about this "Chance/Callie" thing, I can surely bet that it's a

>Honestly, I think It would work out, but really I think
>Callie would never marry Chance.

Agreed, I really think that Briggs would never marry anyone (I already
explain my reason.).

>>Jake/Callista (If the kats go back in time again..)
>That's a relation that could work. Only time is the problem!

Maybe Jake can create a machine for temporal displacement (He already
create a sensor for detecting temporal distortion on my fanfic story.), or
he could use a time crystal (My fanfic thing.) to travel to the Dark Ages.
But then again, TimeKat (My other fanfic thing.) will be really mad if
somebody has misuse time travel.

>>Chance/Turmoil (Maybe!!!)
>That idea could work,
(Ryan is telling that Turmoil is a possible thing.)

It seem that Queen Callista and Cry Turmoil has the highest potential for
love, so let just leave Briggs and Lt.Feral from this couple thing.

>>This is kinda limited...but who knows.

I can add to this list, lets put Briggs's sister to the story (Got this
idea from Terra's story.), Lt.Feral little brother. Of course all of this
is fanfic characters, so add yours in.

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