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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 00:19:04 +0700

>>>Felina would marry somebody,
>It's only certian. Just exploring her personaliaty, you can see that she
>really would marry someone in her life,

Probaly in the next 10-20 years, she would indeed marry someone, and if she
still in the Enforcer at that time, I assume that she will has the
"Commander" position by then.

>or am I comfusing Felina with Miss Aumi, A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko's teacher?
>No. That guy was in love with C-ko along with B-ko. Yeah! I'm right.

A, B, and C? Boy, I'm a confuse now. I better go to Kindergarden again.

>T-Bone's older than Razor and both 'Kats are in their mid twenties. I
>estimate T-Bone being 26 and Razor 24.

Agreed, and I estimated that the age of Deputy Mayor Briggs is somewhere
between 27-29.

>>>Jake Clawson: Nice guy, but not the type that a girl would marry to,
>>>beside, his best companion in life is T-Bone, Chance, and Razor.
>T-Bone and Chance are one. Razor and Jake are one, or am I getting my
>signals crossed. Another Anti-SWAT Kats virus sent by Ted?

Well, according to me (Of course my opinion cann't be always be the right
one.), I think that both Jake and Chance is a totaly different kat if they

>B-ko Daitokuji
>Many personality relations to the anime actress.
>SWAT Kat Extremist

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