Re: Swatkats Love Couples..

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 05:59:39 +0700

>>>Anyone else care to add?
>>Uhh, no insult to anyone who participates in this disscussion, but Courtney
>>says if they gaot married, it would suck, and for once....uh, I agree
>>wit' her.
>Gotta agree with Terra and Courtney here. We've all noticed how,
>well, reckless our Kats can be. Part of the job.

(Ed is telling that the SwatKats could be different if they had loved ones
to think about.)

Nah, I think that the SwatKats can fly perfectly even if they had loved
ones to think about. BTW, this is why I ask "If Chance say yes" thing, they
doesn't know that their life will turn out differently if they say yes,
will they say yes if they know that they will have no normal life after

(Ed is telling that Kats could be like USAF pilots.)

Not to mention what will happen if the villain know their true identity,
their loved ones could be a walking target.


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