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>I think i have finally put this together....
>Jake And Chance could if there the show's thrid season had happened
>it would be part of the plotline that they look for love.
>It would go like this..

Could I add my ideas?




could be


Mabye NOT. I just can't see them together!!


In his dreams! Honestly, I think It would work out, but really I think
Callie would never marry Chance.

>Jake/Callista (If the kats go back in time again..)

That's a relation that could work. Only time is the problem!

>Chance/Turmoil (Maybe!!!)

That idea could work, if turmoil still likres T-Bone the way she did during
the middle of "Cry Turmoil". So far, I can't decipher whether (however
spelt) she liked Chance or not at the end. it's idea for a sequal seemed a
bit silly after it's first one, though. Oh well...... I'm a critic who's ten
years behind the list. Parrents! (However spelt) I hate it when they won't
let you even think about computers until friday night!

>This is kinda limted...but who knows.
>Anyone else care to add?

I almost had Chance marry Naiome in one of my fanfics, but made a simple
comp-out and weird plot twist (Charles Dickens influence through the whole
series!! [Great Expectations beats using a sleeping pill!!]) that seemed to
only leave it unfinished. Ugh! It would funny if Chance almost marryed Jake
by mistake? He'd pull away the "Bride's" veil to find Jake standing there.
They'd both scream in fright, and get the hell out of there.... WAIT A
MINUTE!!! What am I saying? Probably thinking a Ted thought

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