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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:38:26 +0700

>>Well, somebody here once said that they are superheros.
>They're not, even though it is easy to mix it up. Superheros have
>special powers, vigilantes (Batman) have cool gear or work out a lot.

Aren't Batman also can be classified as a Superhero?

>>>Everyone needs a little love,
>>That's why I mention Turmoil and Queen Callista, these two has the
>>highest possibilities
>Huh? Turmoil is the most repulsive female I ever saw. Even if T-Bone
>ended up liking her a LITTLE bit, she's still a villian and he's still a
>good guy.

Well, I say that they has the highest possibilities for love, not marriage.

>I don't think so. With Callista, there's another repulsive female.
>An ugly version of Cally, and let's not forget she lives in a different
>time peroid.

Well, I wouldn't say that she is repulsive or ugly. BTW, I don't think that
timezone will be barrier.

>Even if Razor was capable of getting back there,
>I doubt he would want to stay or she would want to leave.

That's why it will make a good story if they do go back to the Dark Ages,
will Razor leave the Dark Ages? will T-Bone have to drag him to the future?

>Their love for Cally is sort of a young admoration/lust sort of thing,
>not real love.

Ok, so let just leave Callie from this thread, I already mention the reason.

>>But will they marry someone? to fall in love is possible, but
>Again, the SWAT Kats are pretty young, in their 20's. I could easily
>imagine Jake settling down in another 20 years or so, when he's older
>and calmer.

Jake probaly will never marry anyone, he maybe will go out with someone,
but not married to someone.

BTW, in another 20 years or so, three kats will be dead in my story.

> Dr. Jake

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