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>>We should bring the fifth character, I already have one,
>>Ryan already have one, do you have one?
>Well, chances are (no pun intended) there would be a fifth character
>on the show, that's why I brought in Sinian.

Sinian is too busy with her life long ambition, beside, she only shows up
when the situation need her.

>The SWAT Kats are great, but let's look at this realistically. In the
>series,they're in their twenties. They could continue maybe past
>their 30's, MAYBE early 40's, but it CAN'T last forever. They have
>to be pretty athletic guys to do what they do, and they won't stay that
>way forever.

I have a story that terminate their existence (Well, at least until their
next existence.), which is BTW happen after Callie die (No, they don't get
depressed of her dead and decided to go suicide, although her dead does
have it's influence on something.).

>>But Sinian is dedicating his whole life to science, beside, she is
>>too old for either Jake and Chance.
>How old is she? Did I miss that episode? She seems pretty young and
>she knew Cally pretty well . . . in my story it may or not mention that
>they met in college. Her voice is like Grandma's, but if you look at her
>long enough you realize she has to be pretty young.

Probaly in her mid 30's, of course this my opinion. Her real age was never
mention in the series, just like Callie, Jake, and Chance.

>>Callie Briggs: Megawar 3 would happen if she _do_ get marry.

That's why marrying her (Or any other her look a like.) with somebody else
is a dangerous thing to do. Of course Megawar 3 will happen anyway, with or
without her marriage.

>>Jake Clawson: Nice guy, but not the type that a girl would marry to,
>>beside, his best companion in life is T-Bone, Chance, and Razor.
>I think I all ready went over the part where they can't be SWAT Kats

They will be SwatKats (The protector of MegaKat city, or even katkind.)
till the end of their life, and maybe longer. Hey, superhero are supposed
to have no relation with anybody else, except friendship.

>Besides, hate to say it, but a lot of people DO get to a point in their
>lives where they need someone ELSE, not just a companion.

They may meet with somebody that they like (Razor with the Queen, T-Bone
with Turmoil.), but I don't think that they will have a "marriage like
relation" with somebody else.

>>BTW, I do have one fanfic character that can destroy this whole
>>marrying theory, want to know?
>You don't make Jake and Chance homo, do you? Just checking. I think
>it was Jake Shard who almost did that in his Midnight Magic series.

No, don't worry, I won't do that (I'm not that crazy.). I will introduced
an alternative character beside Jake and Chance, so that Callie can choose
someone else (Of course their relation won't work at the end.).

> Yeah, I wanna know . . .

Well, there is some hint on my first story (Provided that I can actualy
finish it.), Ryan's mind probaly already know on what I'm thinking right
now (Provided that I already give enough clues.).

> Dr. Jake

BTW, I think that Mitch Botwin once said something on this list on which
place that you take to, I think that this is his original line "Where would
you take which lady from Mega Kat City on a date?", of course you can
change the words if you want the girl to take guys instead.

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